Xu Yuhua wins the Women's World Championship

This is from the Internet Chess Club e-mail newsletter:

Xu Yuhua Wins The Women's World Champion Chinese player, Xu Yuhua, defeated Alisa Galliamova of Russia in the best-of-four finals at the Women's World Chess Championship in Ekaterinburg, Russia. Yuhua defeated Galliamova two times with the black pieces making this an amazing victory for her. The final score of the final match up was 2.5:0.5. At the concluding press conference Yuhua announced that she is four months pregnant with expected due date in September! Yuhua said "I think my baby was the one to help me". Xu Yuhua was also the Women's World Cup Champion in 2000 and 2002. An impressive career so far! Visit the official site of the Women's World Champion or you can also visit the ICC tournament page. Download all the games from the finals.  Posted by Picasa