Here is another chess puzzle. White to play and force mate.

Since I don't have too much interesting to say, I will share a chess quote.

“I give 98 percent of my mental energy to Chess.Others give only 2 percent”-Bobby Fischer

I like this quote because I believe it explains a very important "secret" of playing chess well.

Often the difference between a Master and an Expert is that the Master consistently plays his best. I know many Experts who sometimes play like Masters. I know many 1300 players who sometimes play like 1800 players. The key word is "sometimes". It is very important to consistently play your best. One time when I was at the World Open when I was a young expert, I asked Aviv Friedman, an internationally renowned chess coach for some advice on how to win my next game. He told me to play the game like it is the last game I will ever play in life.

Whether it is round 5 in a tournament where you have no chance to win a trophy, or it is a game against a Grandmaster where you blundered pawn on move 10. You must always concentrate to your fullest, and use all of your capabilities to win the game. Posted by Picasa