Hey everyone. My blog is back again. Thanks to all of those who have been bugging me about it!

This puzzle is White to play and Mate in 5. I will put a hint under the "comments" area.

I tore my left bicep while I was in Michigan about a month ago, and I never let it heal properly. I kept on playing basketball. So my arm just got worse. I told myself that I would try not to use my left arm too much while playing basketball, but that didn't work at all. So for the last few days I have been wearing a sling on my left arm to let it properly rest. I think I am almost back to 100%. The moral of the story is that when you tear a muscle, rest it right away instead of playing sports!

Other than that I have been studying for the LSAT several hours a day, and I am becoming somewhat of an LSAT expert. I took a few practice tests and I am getting top scores, so I am happy with that. Posted by Picasa