September 30 is the LSAT

I am officially registered for the September 30 LSAT. I will be taking it at Texas Southern University, at 8:30 am. I've been studying for this test for almost a year now and I plan on doing well. I doubt that many people study for the LSAT for a whole year. Just to make sure that I give myself a chance to ace it (I haven't aced any of the practice tests yet..), I will study no less than 2 hours a day for the next 23 days. Some days I will have to study for 5 hours, as I will be taking the full length practice test. Once I finish this test, I will have a lot more free time and I will be quite relieved. Starting in January, I will start studying for the GRE test. I am not 100% sure I will go to Law school, and I am expanding my options by taking the GRE also. Wish me luck!